Systems Engineering Breakdown Diagrams

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A good example is the CEB Press which lists all the ~9 modules - like frame hopper, cylinder assembly, drawer assembly, etc. Point is that all these modules can be fabricated at the same time by different people to optimize production time in a build session. And they at the same time can be substituted individually to make improvements - or be used in other machines.


See December_18#Redesign_for_CNC_Torch_Table - this sample is simply a graphical picture of modules from a Google Drawing. No Interface Design.


A Systems engineering breakdown diagram defines the components of a given technology and how they are related. The relationships are defined by the XM Interface Definition. The purpose of this diagram is to break down complex devices into bite-size components that can then be tackled effectively by loosely-allied developers in the presence of limited attention span on the part of the developers. This has the potential to leverage valuable contributions from a wide array of developers, within a limited time budget of the developers.

For the particular needs of the GVCS Development Template, the Systems Engineering Breakdown Diagram focuses on identifying instantiation routes with a maximum amount of open source prior art. Building upon open source knowhow leverages the potential of open source development for rapid, agile development of GVCS technologies.


Some examples of Breakdown Diagrams already found within the project are: