Thermoelectric Generator

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OSE Design


  • 5-8% - []

DIY Builds

  • 14 Watts hackaday - [1]

Industry Standards

Individual Modules

  • $3 for 3W - [8]
  • $5 for 3W - at 100C between 20C and 120C - [9]
  • Cooling is low price - but we need TEG, not cooling. Cooling - $2 for 60W - or 3W at 5% efficiency - [10]
  • Specs - [11]


Technical Design

  • Best Resource as a Design Guide - tight packing fraction of modules appears to be a key requirement for higher power applications - [14] - as also seen in Firevolt.
  • DOE design report - 500w on a 200 degree differential from car exhaust - [15]


  • If accessible modules put out 3W (5% of 60W) and cost $2, then we have a 70 cent per watt cost in TEG modules at maximum efficiency. This translates to a practical 100W system at $70 in peltier cells, plus balance of system for heating and cooling. If a stove is used, and the cold water side is based on a simple radiator (which adds minimally to space heating) - the cost is feasible. Pump - [16] - 6W draw, but pump could probably be smaller. $20. Baseboard radiators for cool water heat rejection - $40x2. Aluminum heat sinks - that's the most expensive part - so use simple 1/8"x2"x2" square steel tubing at a dollar per pound. Should be doable at low cost of approximately $250 in parts, making this very competitive with PV prices. A 100W system can produce as much power as a 400W PV system that assumes 6 hrs of light per day. Equivalent PV cost of 65 cents per watt.