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OSE is currently recruiting a panel of technical advisors to provide advice and review of technical design generated by OSE. Our technical advisors also become eligible to become the moderators of OSE Forums. To apply to be on OSE's Advisory Panel, please fill out the following form, it should take a couple minutes. Technical requirements include subject matter expertise in a wide array of engineering design, organization, and enterprise fields. See Subject Matter Experts for a partial list.

The formal duties of the Technical Advisory Board are to review and comment on technical content submitted via the Technical Director or specific Project Leaders of OSE. Requests for review and comment are to be answered in a timely manner. The duration of Advisory Panel Term is for two years, upon which time Advisory Panel membership is reviewed by the Project Leaders and approved by the Technical Director. Advisory Panel members may be removed without notice on grounds of poor or faulty advice. Review items will be logged in a spreadsheet, made visible to the public. The formal review process involves posting a review question on the wiki, and emailing a Reviewer or Reviewers for feedback. At that point, the Reviewer uses the Review form, and comments with a response - or edit of the original document that was submitted for review. Links should be made to the wiki, so the wiki contains all relevant information for people to study. Both Advisory Board members and any collaborators may engage in the review process, using our simple form. The power of a simple form lies in links being made to the wiki for supporting content. This way, the review process becomes public. Moreover, this review process can scale, as a spreasheet is used for the responses. Responses can be viewed my machine/module by manipulating the spreadsheet.



The following is a list of existing channels that OSE uses for technical review of its designs.

Technical Advisory Panel



  • Journal of Light Construction forum - [1]
  • International Masonry Institute - drawing out wall details service - "free technical assistance to the design and construction communities. IMI can work with you to get the right detail for your project. Call 1-800-IMI-0988 or email"

CAE and Simulations

  • Vanderbilt University - Vanderbilt Institute for Software Integrated Systems
  • Charlie Feng - DPV participant, OpenFOAM user, machining, etc.

Agricultural Equipment

  • FarmHack Forums