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See Talk:User_Owner_Project for a more verbose study.

The Theory:

The underlying theory in a nutshell for User Owner

  • The Users (aka Consumers) are the real property owners of the business assets.
  • The outputs of production (products) are divided among these owners based on their percentage of ownership.
  • New Users grow the business and become partial owners whenever they pay Price Above Cost.

Existing Problems

Existing problems in the real world that relate to this theory, a brief description.

  • Will Workers become the slaves of these Consumers?
    • All Workers are also Consumers. By protecting the Worker's Consumption, we need not protect his employment - for it is only for Consumption that he trades labor at all.

Proposed Application

Proposed way to apply the theory to those existing problems, the context or pre-requisites for this solution (solution in this case is application of the theory)

Related Work

Related existing work that verifies feasability with context summary of links to those references

Related Support

Related existing data or facts that support theory

Constraints and Barriers

Existing constraints and barriers to deploying user owner

  • Explaining why Ownership of the Physical Sources of production must NOT be determined by the skills needed to operate them, but should be held by those willing to pay for the Outputs/Objects/Products.

Arguments Against

Related existing work that argues against User owner (or summary and link to a place where this already exists)

  • Probably any of the enormous amount of work (such as Marxist) suggesting Workers must be the Owners.

Proof Against

facts and data that support arguments against

Relationship to OSE=

A brief summary about how this is related to Open Source Ecology (Relevance to OSE) core values

Partner Sites

Links to partner site references

Active Businesses

Seperate headings for descriptions of all active businesses, which will be supported by OSE infrastructure. We will provide you with resources you need, and help in growing this into an actual pilot project, help in connecting with other people, etc. We will help you grow this into a tangible real world project, the same way that we are growing open designs into real world products right now. When ventures are made, partnered open source software, open knowledge resources, and open design projects will receive a share of revenue