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HintLightbulb.png Hint: 4 hours at 1080p 30 fps requires only 3 gig at h.265 compression. This means we can shoot video with complete detail for each build step. 720p med quality is 1.3 gb


For remote control drones, aerial or terrestrial, with onboard IP cameras - it is useful to consider feasibility based on cost of available data plans and data transmitted. The use case can be a remote person controlling the drone - either for purposes of real work such as agriculture, construction, mining, or delivery services - or also education and entertainment. This is one possible route to open source 'driverless' vehicles, where the artificial intelligence is replaced with human intelligence as a transitional step to widespread access. Naturally various safety issues must be addressed.


Example: 6 GB for 2 hours per day of 720P high quality footage with H265 compression. But only 5 frames per second. To make it smooth - need 24fps.


Or 24 fps, 720p, high quality, high compression. This is about the limit of an 'unlimited' data plan. Cost is $25 for 50GB [1]



Create an onsite file server? If 1 Gig speed - can handle video effectively

  • $17/TB for SAS drive, requires SAS controller.