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See 38:17 for Marcin's presentation -


Press Release

Press release from the White House -

File:ChampionsPressRelease 06042013.docx

See Champions of Change site -

See OSE Blog Post on this - , to be updated after the event.

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Dear Champions,

It was a true pleasure meeting each of you last week at the White House Champions of Change event for crowdfunding pioneers. We wanted to congratulate you again and thank you for joining us. Your insights and stories are an inspiration to people across the country – and across the globe.

Content from this event is now live on the White House website at the following links.

Your bios:

Your blog posts:

Video of the event:

Please don’t hesitate to share your experience at the White House online, with local organizations, and with people in your community (including tweets with the hashtag #WHChamps).

Thank you again, and please feel free to contact us with further questions.

Take care, Doug

Doug Rand Senior Policy Advisor White House Office of Science and Technology Policy Executive Office of the President