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Intro Video

WikiHouse from 00 on Vimeo.


From Alastair, met at TED Global 2012.

Assessment by MJ - Alastair is true to OS Ethic, and is looking for a business model to grow the project. We had initial discussion on opensourcing the CNC toolchains involved.


  • Bioplastic, waste plastic, or biomass panels - open source production - should be developed - see Plastic Board.


Hey guys,

WikiHouse is pursing similar goals to the Microhouse. They look like they've done a great job with documenting what they're doing, building tools to enable better collaboration, and building a community that's contributing. And they're using very clever techniques which I suspect allow even easier construction than the Microhouse v1, although require access to CNC machine.

You can get an idea of the design goals and principals at

You can see stuff they've created at

You can get their sketchup plugin at and see their guides for people who want to contribute at

On their community page,, they've got 3 google groups for people to collaborate on different aspects of the project.

I wonder if it would be useful for OSE to try one of their designs. Or maybe OSE could gain by adapting some of their approach to organization and community. If nothing else, maybe OSE could work with them on the CNC router. They need one and may be able to contribute design, testing, and documentation skills.

I hope all is well!