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It is useful to have team feeds for the Extreme Design Jams. Team feeds are where different groups in different geographic locations make video updates about their progress.

The osmicrofactory.org webpage is the central hub for the Design Jams.

In it, we have live streams for different teams, which do a live feed as needed for cooperation purposes. Selective forwarding of streams could happen in realtime. There would be scheduled times when different teams feed in to share information - to promote collaboration. Each team would have a Collaboration Dashboard, where they would view the video stream from another location. That video stream would be recorded. Something like Jitsi Video Bridge or FB Live steams video - and is then recorded for future review. Say each team has a 2 minute Scrum Standup option - and does that remotely.

A Collaborator position can be set up between teams - a person dedicated to sharing knowledge from all the different teams. After a few hours - streaming and collaboration happen.

Could Jitsi Meet be used for this so the recording is also captured? Is FB Live a good way to do it?