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What is an Ontology

Study of existence of things, and how do we categorize them.


  • Epistemology - Study of knowledge.How do we know?
  • Ontology - Who are we? (for example: Is it The Man, or Do we have agency?)
  • Axiology - What is good? (values) (for example: Do we study things just to understand them, or to change the world for the better?)


Good presentation:

Historical Evolution:

Zachman Foundation:

Critique and Solution

  • Critique - [1]
  • Critique that too much unnecessary information is captured. This represents OSE's case, where Development Spreadsheets are in practice almost never completed - or are completed only by declaring that certain items do not need to be filled.
  • Solution - Just Enough Enterprise Architecture - [2]


For OSE, the relevance is the different perspectives for project reification. When developing a project, different people participate: designers, architects, entrepreneurs, managers, etc. Each view should be tailored for them.

OSE is expanding the Zachman Framework to include views that are particularly interesting to OSE development. OSE is separating the content from view of the content by using a database and writing computer scripts to display the database - for whatever audience is necessary.

For OSE, one particular view is the Organizational Learning View - where we teach our contributors various skills.

Design Diagrams



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