$32k Rammed Earth House in India

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From Brent


This is the type of video promotion you need to do.

What I mean is from an aim and script standpoint. You’re project will not sell itself. You have to sell the lifestyle. The rest. The simplicity. The healthier living , connected with the reality your human with limitations. If you can convince others they need to let go of the hurry/hustle. They will be bridges down to the project. And they’ll convince themselves that the Seed Echo Home out of CEB is what they want to do.

Also this couple build this for $32K essentially.

Marcin Comments

  • Can be widely replicated in a warm climate.
  • In cold climates, would need winter insulation.
  • As video suggests, there is a market in the voluntary simplicity movement. This market is estimated in 1977 around 1-5% of the US [1]
  • What was labor/materials breakdown in India?
  • USA expectation would be $350/sf
  • Compare to OSE build cost of $85/sf estimate (to be proven in 2022) (just build (materials+labor), not land, legal, rentals, utility connection, transaction costs, or any other costs)