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A high functioning organization should generate $5M of revenue per executive level staff position. The desirable OSE International staff/organizational model involves executive staff, partners, independent contractors, and volunteers. The executive staff is defined as any staff responsible for generating revenue, and therefore having the authority to determine revenue allocation. By tax law, executive staff is not considered as an organization's employee. A high level of alignment and autonomy in the executive staff assures that the organization holds to its core values, approach, and mission. In this model, employees are not consistent with the model - in the sense that employees do not typically generate revenue, but are revenue sinks.

The $5M is chosen as a general figure that a single executive can spend effectively. Effectively means with direct supervision of spending, as trackable clearly and directly in monthly budget statements. Self-auditing is sufficient, though transparency of the process is high and can pass any formal audit. Efficiently also means that the line items are direct contracts which require high level understanding of goals. The intent is to eliminate the inefficiency of management, given that OSE International's focus is on generating high level, scalable processes that are self-managing because of the attention given to simplicity, clarity, and education of process executors. Administrative assistance contractors can fill any support tasks on processes that are sufficiently defined to warrant an enforceable contract.

OSE International is intended to be a network organization which starts other autonomous but allied organizations (Chapters and full OSE Campuses). The key to working on a common goal is certifying the performance of all the branches. The role of OSE International is to become a certifying body - ie, that OSE values are operative and non-corruptible within all members of the network. This is an essential condition for generating an ethical economy, one of the core stated end-goals of OSE.