1-Day Design Sprint on the Microcar

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Goal: design, via remote collaborative sessions, an open source car based on Yann's velocar and build a functional prototype <- we'd need to refine this carefully.

Possible project team: Marcin - project director Yann - technical director Catarina - production director Rob - documentation director

Requirements for production session:

  • Engineers (breakdown TBD)
  • Venue w/ enough space, fire code compliance, electricity and heating
  • Production equipment
  • Catering
  • Accommodation + travel for participants (if we offer this we'll get more and better volunteers to choose from)
  • Sponsorships to cover all of the above (venue, equipment, catering, travel, accommodation)

Considerations regarding dates:

  • We talked about early December, but I worry that we may not have enough time to get funding and I'm not sure if it's a good idea to have an event like this smack in the middle of the holiday season.
  • I'd strongly recommend January as that would not only give us more time, but we'd have little to no competition (there are very few hackathons in January).

First Steps:

  • Define the goal and rules very carefully in collaboration with Yann
  • Pick tentative dates and location
  • Prepare informational materials for potencial sponsors and participants
  • Draw up a tentative budget
  • Approach Red Bull (at this point everything might change as they may suggest different location or dates)