100 Acres Equivalent on 7000 Square Feet for Vertical Farms?

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This article claims so:


100 acres (40.4686 ha) on 7000 sf (650,3213 m²) is a serious claim - but here's the math of what it would take

100 acres is 4.4M sf. That is about 600x more area than 7000 sf.

Improvements of a vertical hydroponic system compared to a farm:

  • 2x for artificial lighting
  • 4x for typical seasons (6 month growing season in temperate climate)
  • 5x for hydroponic vs. soil growing

So above we already have 40x the yield increase. Another 15x gets us the claimed 600 fold increase: simply by using 7 - 8 levels of rotary growers! Each has 2 surfaces. So the amazing yield increase is absolutely real.

Now the labor requirements are going to be the key - and there is no magic on that. Someone will have to grow the food. But this would make lots of sense in a Collaborative Production model - with subscription farming indoors.

Major issues to address will be pests. There is no easy way out for this with organic agriculture.

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