100 MPG Cars

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Production Cars, Near 100 MPG

Slow Cars


  • Aptera - 858 lb weight - [1]
  • Edison 2 - 1000 lb - 4 passenger, 101 mpg - [2]


  • Many electric cars are 100 MPG equivalent - so not a problem to achieve 100 mpg in electrics - based on the energy equivalent of gasoline, but stored in batteries themselves


Hydrogen internal combustion engines and drive trains appear to be more efficient than even fuel cells, and are 2x as efficient as gasoline ICEs. (see Book - energy chapter. Thus, it can be said that to get a 100 MPG equivalent on gasoline, we only need be 50 mpg equivalent on hydrogen! That is a cheat - but also an easy way to attain 100 MPG cars in practice.

MPG Measurement

  • Measurement for highway MPG is apparently taken at an average speed of 50 - [3]