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They went open source on Thursday, Sep. 26, 2013 after indoctrination at the Open Hardware Summit


Hello Addie and all the OSHWA team,

Just a few words to thank you for your invitation to the Open Hardware Summit. A great event that for sure will stay as an important step for the Desafio 100km 1litro (that will become an OSHWA member as soon as the non-profit legal structure's creation is completed). We also decided to be 100% Open Hardware, wich means all students vehicles will have to build Open Hardware vehicles. This decision was taken after very interesting talks with Marcin.

All the team of the Desafio 100km 1litro would like to say that we loved this summit and the Open Hardware community there. You did a fantastic job with the organisation :-) Brener, Rodrigo and Jean-Luc

PS : Our best (but fuzzy ;-) photo with Nathan and Marcin :-)