10x Is Easier Than 2x

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Key points

2x improvement, and even more, 10% improvement, leads us to not innovating. Instead we just try to do the same thing but faster, or harder. It causes us to think about what we did in the past, and then apply that the same principles in the current, present moment.

Thinking about how to increase something by a factor of 10, means we can't draw from the past, but have to imagine how we can act now to create such a future. If we want to continue doing something which we did in the past, we are likely to use old thinking instead of breakthrough thinking, leading to incremental as opposed to exponential increase.

It is psychologically better, and more energy giving to be thinking about 10x improvements. It makes us more empowered, creative and smart.

OSE Perspective

Notions of Mutually Assured Abundance, Extreme Manufacturing, Distributive Enterprise, and Extreme Enterprise imply even more ambitious results. From the Founders perspective - 10x is clearly easier than 2x - as Dan Sullivan or Peter Diamandis claim. It can also be said that 100x is not 10x as hard as 10x - but more like 2x. And 1000x is more like 2x as hard as 100x. In other words, with increasing collaboration, we have increasing returns on achieving Mutually Assured Abundance via Practical Post-Scarcity, thus eliminating Artificial Scarcity as implied in the GVCS TED Talk.


Try to add or increase 3x energy-giving things to your life each month. Try decrease 3x stuff from your life each month. Stuff are things, people, tasks, which drains your energy.