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  • Moving Roof Boxes Onto Roof*

  • Plans coming together

  • Moving Roof Boxes Panorama*

  • Brick City*

  • Tarp removal to allow for bricks in `Brick City` to dry
  • Lettin' it all dry out

  • Lifetrac Upgrades*

  • Power Cube Connection to Tractor*

  • Connecting power lines from Power cube to valves
  • 2 return lines
  • Check valves to ensure multiple Power Cubes employed don't fight each other


  • Loader Mounted Cement Mixer Results*

  • Modication needed

  • Intro on Cement Mixer*

  • Perfect Day for Pressing Bricks*

  • Marcin and Floyd making the best use of bad weather
  • Brick pressing under cover


  • Floyd Details Workshop Alignment Methods*

  • Techniques and tools to perfectly align workshop
  • Level, chalk line and string line instructional
  • Patterns to ensure level alignments
  • Use of cripplers for beam and box installation

  • Floyd Talks about Reject Lime Being Used to Press Bricks*

  • Possible use for reject lime, to make blocks for weather-facing exterior perimeter foundations (cheaper)

  • Floyd Describes Column Prototype*

  • 2x2 foot hollow column prototype design to be filled in

  • Current Construction Scene*


  • Testing Report for Field Pulverizer*

  • Modifications and issues from Field Pulverizer tests
  • Safety recommendations from Marcin for safe Field Pulverizer use


  • Roof Anchoring with Floyd*

  • Floyd discusses anchoring the structures for the upcoming roof build


  • Floyd Discussing Structural Stability*

  • Floyd discusses bracing, support triangles and tying in preparation for Roof Boxes

  • Workshop Status with Floyd Hagerman*

  • Floyd discusses interim progress on workshop build and upcoming element builds


  • CEB Construction Review and Problem Solving*

  • Experienced builder Floyd Hagerman brings 20-years of experience to CEB project
  • Addresses structural and moisture issues of troublesome wall on build
  • Floyd discusses important details about weatherizing exposed walls and fixes for existing issues




  • Yoonseo Gives Tutorial on Laying Bricks for the Columns

  • Yoonseo explains the proper use of slurry, brick laying techniques and proper patterns
  • Finishes with a Q&A where Yoonseo fields questions as to why brick patterns and proper technique are necessary


  • Problem with Nov 12 Pressing

  • Rain without sun left the soil wet, putting a damper on the scheduled pressing

  • Bridging Issue

  • Wet soil causing problems with bridging
  • The painfully slow, yet effective, 'poking-it-with-a-stick' methodology keeps project on track but behind schedule


  • Prototype 1 Loader Mounted Cement

  • Visual of Prototype 1 and its quick attach motor, Lifetrac standard, large internal paddles
  • Additional visual


  • Workshop Columns Assembly

  • Column construction coming along nicely

  • Words of Wisdom from Yoonseo

  • A wonderfully eloquent soliloquy about what brought Yoonseo to the Factory Farm project


  • Workshop Slab