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OSE is hiring for part time work with OSE in the format of the One Day Enterprise program. This part time work is an entry level position with OSE. For full time involvement - we created the OSE Immersion Program for those interested in a longer term commitment as OSE Fellows. The One Day Enterprise can also be taken prior to the OSE Immersion Program as a good stepping stone.

The One Day Enterprise involves running a one day workshop every few weeks. The workshops are OSE's Extreme Manufacturing and Extreme Education workshops. Workshops involve about 1 day of preparation, and 1 day of running the actual workshop. Starting pay is in the range of $25-$55 per hour depending on experience and performance. Incentives are tied to effectiveness and quality of the experience.

OSE organizes the workshops, and the One Day Entrepreneurs (ODEs) execute them. The ODE inventories parts and prints the 3D printed components. OSE posts the event announcement and does most of the publicity.


The ODE must be competent in both the technology, and in teaching. Effective communication skills are required.

Training involves participation in at least 2 OSE build workshops. In the first one, the ODE builds and runs their own 3D printer. In the second workshop, the ODE assists in teaching a workshop. Additional workshop participation may be needed for the candidate to gain a comfort level in teaching, until the point of confidence in teaching a workshop themselves.

After assistantship in a build event, the candidate will learn additional materials through several additional 1 hour webinars:

  • Details of part sourcing
  • In-Depth Details of the OSE 3D Printer Design: Design Guide
  • Designing 3D Printing Files In FreeCAD
  • Effective Teaching and Communication
  • How to Provide Quality Service and Build Relationships
  • The Range of Applications and Limits of 3D Printing

The candidate must be open to constant learning - both from OSE staff and workshop participants.

We are starting with the 3D printer workshops, but eventually we will offer teacher training for all other GVCS tools.


  • 1-click part ordering + 3D printing of the other parts. Works readily for machine with PVC frame, and needs to be developed for metal frame sourcing
  • Workshop Manual with detailed build instructions
  • 1 day to execute the event
  • Workshop leader: needs a thorough understanding of the technology and parts involved so they can address any sourcing issues, and must have the ability to teach.
  • Registration - online at the OSE website

Event Posting and Page on OSE Site at 3DP.ose.org

  • Posting includes registration
  • FB OSE workshops entries are embedded on top of page on the event day for event day reporting. Call in from greater world occurs at a specified time
  • Participant reviews are posted on the event page, including the instructor's review of the event.
  • User-generated q&a is posted on the page. Q&A is posted on the page.
  • OSE Workshops FB feed is posted at bottom.
  • OSE Twitter feed is posted at the bottom
  • FB Live is posted at the bottom.
  • Optional but suggested, especially when multiple events are happening at the same time: WebRTC is posted at the bottom for during-event communication
  • All are modules that may or may not be inserted.