1 Hour FreeCAD Crash Course for Developers

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  • Build on Lesson 1 - 3 videos at FreeCAD 101
  • Intended Audience - 1 million OSE Developers Worldwide
  • Basis for more advanced full 1 day course on FreeCAD, Part Libraries, and Construction Sets
  • Towards design aspect of the Copy Machine for Local Production


FreeCAD allows for a powerful and easy to learn 3D CAD workflow for massive collaboration. To achieve this - only basic FreeCAD functionality is sufficient. Here we go through the Sketcher to 3D, moving and rotating, and Boolean operations. We gain proficiency at importing and modified g files, merging, and converting common STL files into FreeCAD editable objects. This basic workflow allows for producing almost all GVCS design without the need for using a more complex Assembly workflow. The goal is a hgh level.ofmodular breakdown with many people working together, to produce si.ple parts whose edit history is clear - such that derivative designs can be generated easily.


  • Design a hexagonal bi holder with set screw
  • Design a 3D printed vise
  • Modify a 3D Printed Hacksaw