1 Month Immersion Candidates

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  • Shane
  • Michel
  • Abe
  • Roberto
  • Michael
  • Dan's workshop
  • Tom Griffing
  • Jonathan Kocurek
  • Yoonseo
  • Lex
  • Lonnie + Kurt - appropedia
  • Colby


  • 2 tracks - OSE Fellow, and someone who just runs workshops. We do the marketing. We.figure out the marketing and hire people to do it.
  • Candidates must be able to teach, source parts, and build. People like Shane can do that already.
  • Sideline running workshops could be a way to do this - training peopel not on developer track bit on Workshop track. These people must have tech skills already. They must also be teachers. Teacher assessment.
  • Immersion gets all these skills
  • Another route is providing parts, and trusted people execute. We provide marketing.
  • Creator controls their creation.
  • Simplest kit is job 1.