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The US under Biden has a goal of $1/kg hydrogen within a decade. This is 'clean hydrogen', which is not based on renewables. Ie, this is not Solar Hydrogen. [1]. Note that the clean hydrogen is defined as 'hydrogen produced with a carbon intensity of 2 kg or less of carbon-dioxide equivalent produced at the site of production per kg of hydrogen produced'.

Compared to burning gasol



Comparison to Fossil Fuels

  • 2 kg C02 per kg hydrogen produced saves 16% of the CO2 compared to burning gasoline directly. Gasoline gallon is 2.7 kg [2] and it produces 8.9 kg of CO2 [3]. Thus, gasoline releases 3.3 kg CO2 per kg gasoline.
  • Thus, the brown hydrogen used improves things 61%. Good, but not great. From the regenerative enterprise perspective, this is lame.