2" Universal Axis Work Breakdown Structure

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How to prevent bottlenecks - and allow a novice team to produce advanced design?

  1. We start with a Basic Diagram.
  2. We move on to Detailed Diagram outlining critical design features
  3. We include calculations
  4. We take it to CAD right away - cad up a design - and print a smaller scale item
  5. A tech lead provides design rationales and explanations - at the most granular level
  6. We outline Critical Challenges:
    1. Pulley desing
    2. Frame mounting detail
    3. Motor piece Minimum Detail
    4. Idler piece MVP
    5. Carriage piece MVP
    6. Coupling of motor to idler
    7. Coupling of motor to pulley
    8. 2-sided drive
    9. Scaling TB6600 to 2-4 motors by simple division from RAMPS - rapid prototype
    10. Carriage full scale motion prototyping
    11. Shaft preparation
    12. Bushing preparation
    13. 3D Printed acetal bushings