2014 Documentation Education Wish List

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Education Projects

- Organize 2014 Workshop (and all events) schedule

- Create "Promo Package" for Colleges

- Create new Wordpress website (includes Promo Package)

Documentation Projects

- Simple video - Sam's hackerspace video

- Ingalls

- Post Emmett animations - let's discuss best place and context

- Organize all of Trovebox into albums and be sure all photos are public

- Trencher video?

- Microhouse Commercial - working with Chris now on this one.

- Locate and Post Wheel Unit Stills (or create stills from video)

- Feature Jean-Baptiste in a Blog post as our new Lead Graphics Designer

- Located Microhouse site clearing footage (no stills) - create stills from video and post.

- Organize Trovebox into "modules" for Microhouse etc.

- Microhouse "documentary"

- Edit 40 Minute Lifetrac 6 Cab Module tape into short Step-by-Step guide as POC

- Quickly edit All Raw Tapes and Cards and post to Latakoo.

Pending raw tapes: Lifetrac6 Build - 7 Hours OSBG Build - 9 Hours 6 in 60 - 11 Hours Microhouse - 17 Hours (approximately 3 hours of Backhoe mixed in) Also Emmett shot approximately 30% beyond these numbers for Lifetrac 6 and Microhouse

- Hydaulics 101 - add visuals - Popcorn and chalkboard style.

- 50 Machines Series - A short "2 Minute" video on each of the 50 machines. What is it?. Why chosen? End uses. Design Concept. Status.

- Welding Instruction - Shoot with John. (other technical training)

    • Explore EXPLAINER STYLE videos/graphics for all productions.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Explainer_video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EtclcWGG7WQ&feature=fvstc This link is to a couple a friend has done, but don't think he can afford to do these on a volunteer basis... maybe he can "consult" - Let's discuss http://youtu.be/MOr_DLGu3ks


Conceptual Design - Marie Louka created wireframe that will be basis for video.

Technical Design - Phase after Conceptual.

Log Explainer - Tutorial on using the personal Work Logs. Completed. Need to Review and add possibly add Popcorn.

Design Sprint/Hangout Tutorial - Video explaining procedures on joining and participating in Hangouts/Sprints.

Radical Video Collaboration Project - Video used to explain the project and recruit collaborators.

DPV video with Audrey.

Here are the simple steps for a project like this:


1. Think about the topics it should cover. Basically create a simple outline for what should be included in the video. 2. Make a list of questions you would want to ask them related to the topics. 3. List the visual scenes you'd want to get that shows them working on the topics.


1. Film them doing the topics. This is capturing "B-Roll" - Seeing them in action doing these topics. This filming should seem like the camera isn't there and we're capturing what really happens. 2. Active interviews. It often works nicely to have people describe what they're doing as they are doing it. Ask a few questions as they are engaged in the activities. 3. Sit down interview. Just what it sounds like. This is the in-depth interview that covers all the topics.


1. Once we viewed and logged what we shot, then we'd write the script using what people actually said and what we captured along the way. This usually follows the original outline, but it's good to be flexible if things happen differently. 2. Editing is then based on the script, but it can change again depending on how it shapes up. 3. Final steps include adding the music, sound effects, graphics and narration as appropriate. (if there's narration, usually the editor or producer records it initially... called a "scratch track" - once the presentation is "locked" the scratch track is replaced by a nicer version of the narration. 4. The final video can then be posted or duplicated as necessary.


1 minute videos for TED:

Tom Rielly 4:56pm Jun 1 Building on Sam's announcement, start thinking about 1 minute clips of your work that we could use as interstitials (ie, video clips between fellows talks) They can be animated, film, video, sound only, but must be pre-recorded. We're looking for visual quality, production value, funny, a big idea, and/or surprise. Send possibilities to corey@ted.com in 1920 x 1080p 24 fps .mp4 format if possible, if not, just send what you have at first. It doesn't have to be from a filmmaker, Anthony Vipin Das has proved that.

[Poster: Along with MGM's Cabin in the Sky, Fox's 1943 Stormy Weather was one of Hollywoods first two mainstream films with all African-American Casts. It starred the radiant film pioneer and actor/singer/dancer Lena Horne, as well as Bill "Bojangles" Robinson and Cab Calloway, legendary jazz musicians. In its 72 minute length, it has 20 musical numbers. This movie inspired thousands of young entertainers. Worth finding and watching.]