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Water Lines


Requirements and Priorities

Current Priorities

  1. Modular Summer Camp; Modular Workshop.
  2. MicroHouse 4 Workshop


Landscape Architecture Needs and Requirements

1. Access Road to HabLab

  1. Includes drainage tubes, 2 - 12' long
  2. Parking lot before 2nd creek
  3. Ability to turn around in front of HabLab
  4. Accommodate porch/patio for HabLab

2. Foundation Plan for Electronics Workshop

  1. Including access to other parts of facility: main road, Main Street, connection to Old Workshop, Old Greenhouse
  2. Footprint is 48x48' for the main building (9 bays of 16'x16')
  3. Leanto on North Side - heavy equipment storage - 3 bays of 16'x16'
  4. Footprint on South Side - 3 bays of 16x16'year-round solar roof greenhouse with front brick stem wall (4-6' high) and only top glazed, 4' sunk for thermal performance, and allowing tractor access through side door, sump pump for drainage

3. Swimming Pool - grading + landscaping

  1. Design of pool, deck, chair area, landscaping around it
  2. Water and electric connections

4. Summer Camp Area

  1. Select location, design floor plan + structure
  2. Design a post-and-beam platform
  3. Water + electrical connection

5. Microhouse Additions

  1. Grade for modules 2-6, otherwise, use LifeTrac for 2-3



HabLab Cleaning

See [1]

Bunk Beds

See Bunk Bed - includes Sketchup.

Summer Camp



Summer camp scene 1.JPG

Summer camp scene 3.JPG

Summer camp scene 5.JPG

Summer camp scene 7.JPG

Summer camp scene 9.JPG

File:Summer camp gathering space 2014.skp

File:Summer camp gathering space2013.skp

File:Summer camp gathering space version 8.skp

General Plan


Site Concept Plan


Execution Gantt - [2]

Site Concept Execution Plan


Site Concept Execution

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Spring Break Plan


Work Links

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