2014 Proofs of Concept

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2014 Proofs of Concept Desired - Goals

OSE intends to demonstrate several further proofs of concept that tend to the capacity of the OSE project building the 50 GVCS machines in a single day starting from scrap steel as a feedstock. To do this, we will first demonstrate a single-day build time for each of the machines.

The second major goal is to'create the open source economy.' This means to obviate Marcuse's critique that technology controls people as consumers of technologies broadcast to them from centers of power. Specifically, our goal is to contribute significantly, by disseminating and incubating open enterprise - to the point that libre hardware and its derivative + libre products capture at least 2%, but possibly a majority, of the market share of the global productive economy. This means the next trillion dollar economy.

2013 Proofs of Concept

  • Nominal infinite scalability of box-beam structural power cubes has been demonstrated, with 3 Power Cubes on LifeTrac for a total of 75 hp.
  • Modular box beam tubing works for building frames
  • One day build of second GVCS machine, the simplified ironworker metal shear.
  • Reduction of prototyping cycles from months to days on the ironworker machine.
  • Modular hydraulics expanded to quick-connect cylinders (in addition to valves and motors)

2012 Proofs of Concept

  • Modular hydraulic couplers and modular hydraulic valves


  • Quick-connect high torque wheel demonstrated (1000 lb force)

2009 Proofs of Concept

  • Power cube demonstrated as a modular power source for mobile machines - it could run LifeTrac 1 after original engine went out