2017 Goals

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  • Revenue - $200k - with 75% of that from regular and recurring revenue streams (3D Printer + machine Extreme Build workshops). This is compared to $170k last year with only 15% from regular revenue streams.
  • Profit - 0
  • Customer Engagement - Net Promoter Score - 80
  • Collaborator Engagement - 100
  • Strategic - To develop clear elimination, focus, offloading, and outsourcing strategies for doubling.

Business Goals

  1. Clarity on systems requirements for execution related to annual doubling.
  2. Demonstrating that the Distributive Enterprise model is virally replicable and that the model is applicable to many products.
  3. Balancing growth with efficiency, lean operation, agility, and stable but scalable systems.

Personal Goals

  1. To continue developing an integrated strategy for not being overloaded in face of increasing responsibility.
  2. Have time for things that matter, and to establish several new lifetime friendships
  3. Develop my leadership skills to inspire, increase my empathy, understand peoples' needs, and have an easy time with Difficult Conversations

Assistance Requests

  1. Identify any of my assumptions that may be traps from the long-term view.
  2. Help define/suggest specific tools/strategies for automated systems creation.
  3. Provide feedback on my Vivid Vision