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Invitation to OSE Developers

Did you know that Linux - the open source computer operating system - gathers $1B of voluntary software development contributions - per year? Companies actually pay their employees to develop for the open source Linux project. Similarly, wikipedia gathers a comparable value of encyclopedia edits per yer. We are asking - what would it take for open source hardware - to achieve billion of dollars of volunteer contributions?

Open Source Ecology is working on open source hardware - industrial machines for distributed production.

So far, we have built over 100 prototypes, we have seen 2 dozen replications by people who downloaded our plans in 13 countries around the world - and our next step is turning each of our prototypes into full products. We are far from viral or significant economic impact. We figured out a lot of details of distributed, open source product development. We learned how to build heavy machines in a single day, and last year we built a seed eco-home in 5 days. We learned that the process to do proper open product development is large and complex, and requires much more effort that encyclopedias or software.

So we are taking it to the next level. We are organizing our project into dedicated development teams - as opposed to a more ad-hoc development effort. This is a call out to you. If you are a professional, and you would like to volunteer with a project of purpose - then this may be for you. We promise effective teams and an immersive learning environment - on open source product development. We are looking for generalists - with the only requirement being an open mind and 10 hours of time per week. Fill out our initial application, and we will set up an interview at your earliest convenience.

Our roadmap for 2017 includes the 3D printer, which is then scaled to become a CNC torch table - which is used to prototype our next tractor, sawmill, and mini-excavator - which will then be used to build our second prototype of the off-grid seed eco-home and aquaponic greenhouse towards the end of 2017. Click the link below and apply to be a formal OSE Developer today. We are planning on the first OSE Conference next year so we all meet in person after working on this distributed global effort.


  • Goal: get developers to commit to dev team
  • Message:
  • big vision
  • discuss roadmap for 2017
  • discuss promise- productivity + learning