2018 Board Meeting

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I would like to double every year for the next decade based on a foundation we've been building - I think we are close - and would like to hear your feedback. Focus would be on strategic discussion. We built the Seed Eco-Home in 2016, and now people ask us every day when we will build a house for them. We are developing the 3D printer to an industrial grade product. We need clarity on where to go from here, as we have 50 machines in the Global Village Construction Set.




Live meeting attended by 2 of 4 board members, Sunny and Marcin. Alicia and Colby reviewed Youtube minutes and did a call with Marcin to review the board materials to complete quorum. No major board decisions or new business were implemented or approved.

Other Notes

  • brickstore llc - elon musk - $0.10 per brick [1]
  • Scaling beyond personal effort - figure out how to scale beyond ourselves.
  • What is the competitive niche of OSE's 3D printer.
  • Affiliate links amazon
  • Amazon shipping
  • Blog posts for comparison of 3D printers