2021 Stair Design Guide

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Working Doc



Original design - File:Stairs.fcstd

Stairway for SeedHome v2

Stairs test.png House w stairs.png Stairs example.png 7 625 stairs example.png

Step Size

The steps are 42.125" wide and 11.25" deep with a 1.125" nosing



The top of the 2nd story flooring is 121.375" from the top of the sill. We also need to add 1.5" from the basement slab to the sill = 122.875" total rise

The actual stairway rise will depend on the height of the landing:

With 2x6s and 3/4" planks (6.25" total) it will need to be 116.625"

With 2x8s and 3/4" planks (8" total) it will need to be 114.875"

15 steps of 7-3/4" (the maximum allowed by code) is 116.25"

15 steps of 7-5/8" provides 114.375"

The landing or the top step can be adjusted to make up the difference

CAD for Stairway with 7 3/4" rise

File:Stairs detail.fcstd - Detailed design file - 7.75" rise

File:Stairs simple.fcstd - Simple object for merge

CAD for Stairway with a 7 5/8" rise

File:7 625 stairs detail.fcstd - Detailed design file - 7.625" rise

File:7 625 stairs simple.fcstd - Simple object for merge

File:7 625 stairs example.fcstd - Example - SEH2 partial with Stairs

FreeCAD workbench to generate stairs

File:FreeCAD Stairs Workbench.zip

(Note: The generated steps need to be rotated 180 degrees for use in SEH2. If you create a simple copy, you can set the placement angle to 180 deg and then adjust the x, y, and z position to position the stairs. x=349.35" and y=186.125" should align them in the stairwell. Adjust z as needed to move them up or down to meet the landing.)