24 Village Enterprises

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Summary: steel, concrete, fuel, food, soil, water.

  1. 3D printing
  2. Seed Eco-Home Construction
  3. Aquaponic Greenhouse construction and operation
  4. Perennial polyculture food crops (integrated agroecology, aka farming, including Afforestation + Food Forest enterprise)
  5. Tractor and implement production
  6. Brick press (earth is the most common building material worldwide)
  7. Education (STEM camps, Extreme Manufacturing Workshops. New U)
  8. PV manufacture from sand
  9. Microcar production (microcars, electric bikes, velomobiles)
  10. Water works installation (ponds, purification)
  11. Hydrogen production and storage
  12. Solar concrete production from local rock
  13. Steel production from scrap using induction furnace and metal rolling
  14. CNC Torch table and production + heavy machines
  15. PV production starting from sand. Other semiconductors later.
  16. Hay baling
  17. Biomass and charcoal pellet production
  18. Piston engine production
  19. Electric motor production
  20. Power electronics production (chargers, induction furnace power supplies, welders, plasma cutters, etc)
  21. Windmill production
  22. Cordless and small power tools production
  23. Appliances production
  24. Bioplastic production

Comments - What other enterprises should be included?

Marcin's OSE Workshops Facebook post

I am starting 2019 thinking intently about the OSE Village Experiment on the Dunbar's number scale.
Transcending artificial scarcity in any civilization reboot experiment will mean attaining industrial productivity on a small scale.
Oops, I just said a portion of my TED Talk again.
Well happy new year - and please comment on what you think would be 24 most robust enteprises for a village econonomy.
In that village, people would work 2 hours per day to meet a modern standard of living,
with the rest of time intended for integrating oneself as a human.

Please go to the discussion page to comment. Thank-you.