2 Day XM Workshop Execution

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We believe that the Distributive Enterprise open source business model can scale towards market domination of any specific product - via distributed production - in a matter of 1-2 years. For widespread scaling of OSE's production, we are creating a turnkey, open source supporting infrastructure for running production workshops based on Extreme Manufacturing as a combination of education and manufacturing in one. We are using the 3D printer as the first test case, see the 3D Printer Construction Set Workshop.

The idea is for people to replicate OSE's product designs - up to running production workshops where machines are built in a single day. OSE has learned that XM Workshops are fun and productive events - attracting hundreds of people to our work so far. We believe this model is scalable, for which reason we are encouraging others to run similar workshops.

The rationale for One Day is that just about anyone can afford to spend a day in an immersive event - while a longer time may turn out to be a burden. Both for organizers and participants.

To the end of attaining Viral Replicability Criteria for OSE's workshops - we are providing a number of supporting assets to help people run workshops elsewhere. This includes business, marketing, logistics, production, training, sourcing, and other support that can allow others to replicate.

Two main areas of support are the actual builds (facilities, tools, logistics, etc) and virtual infrastructures (website and templates). For the latter, we are focusing on HTML codes that can be embedded in wikis, Wordpress, or on any website. The website assets include marketing, registration, and sales infrastructure - for both workshops and other supporting hardware or services. Many of the assets in the business + marketing section below are HTML embed codes, linking to various services.

edit (Notes: S stands for software in the diagram and M sands for Manual)).