33hp 1 Cylinder Diesel

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This is a new engine being considered for OSE.

Diesel 33HP Engine.jpg

It is a hefty 240 kg / 528 lbs and appears to be "topheavy", with dimensions: 900 mm x 480 mm x 760 mm / 35.4" H x 29.9" W x 18.9" D.

It is water cooled and requires a radiator & fan.


  • Does it come with an electric generator / alternator?
  • How is the "hand crank" feature accessed?
  • What is the layout for mounting bolts?
  • How is the throttle connected / actuated?
  • Fuel / oil filters - are they available?
  • Fuel tank capacity?
  • What capacity for the water cooler?
  • What size output shaft / flywheel layout?