3DPCS Key Publication Assets

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  • We are recruiting OSE Devs by proposing production of an edu asset. So engineers with scaling calculations can do this.
  • Key concept - we are pushing the limits of participation, allowing users to hack every single asset
  • A video is produced for how to modify every single asset - this becoming purpose-built education - where you are learning skills in order to contribute your skill back to the project
  • 3DPCS book becomes the training manual for developers because of breadth of skills it reaches


  • Filament extruder info and begin development
  • Grinder info and begin development.
  • Micro power cube for grinder drive
  • 2 month sourcing list for 1 printer-could he use this to have a reduced price option for long-term workshops. Good marketing for other cities in the future
  • 2 month sourcing link for 12 printers
  • Chapter search - motivated within framework of open source microfactory social production, and right now - dev effort. Each chapter runs their own dev team, and aligns with GVCS via charter.
  • 2 week sourcing list
  • 1 week sourcing list
  • Parts count diagram - use infographic as basis. This is Inkscape training + GIMP training. 1 person documents Inkscape procedure, another starts in Google docs
  • FreeCAD library training video. Create uniform approved library.
  • Create instructional for modifying every part.
  • Create instructional for how to do final assembly.
  • Create instructional for basic design rules of a 3D printer using the construction set parts. This would include stacking and scaling rules and calculations.
  • WebGL embeds - learn how to export WebGL effectively
  • Exploded part animations - FreeCAD
  • Construction set for animations with in blender by preparing key module Assets in blender + basic animation rules and how-to guide
  • "I built a 3D printer in 1 day" on-demand printed t-shirt. We don't stock them for inventory reasons unless we have an open source on-demand shirt printer