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  • The 3DBenchy, often reffered to as simply a "benchy" is a standard test print done for calibration purposes (Both of 3D Printers, and/or for a Material Used in One)
  • It combines many aspects of 3D Printing Challenges allowing for many potential issues to be spotted in one print
  • It also has the aesthetic of a Small Toy Tugboat
    • This makes them less of a "Print, Look Over, then Throw Away", and more of a "Put on a Shelf" for some, however compared to more minimialistic Calibration Prints it uses more material and Machine Time


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As a Speed Record

  • It is often used as a metric for not just how well a printer can print, but also at what speed it does so
  • A project around this was created called #SpeedBoatRace (Although "Speed Benchy" and similar terms are also used)
  • In the more Extreme Examples, something more akin to a "Benchy Like Object" is created due to various artifacts, but nonetheless most Speedbenchies by Fast 3D Printers are below 15 minutes, and some are below 5 minutes!
  • Really interesting example of Competitions as Technology Accelorators that has lead to some very interesting designs with Novel Cooling Mechanisms

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