3d Printing Techniques

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  • This a page with the end goal of allowing a user to make their 3D printed parts both visually and structurally optimized

Filament Types and Techniques to Use them well

Filament Types + Advantages Overview


These allow you to see the abilities of your 3D Printer, your filament, and also troubleshoot problems

10mm Calibration Cube:

3D Benchy:

Tolerance Test:

Part Strength Test:

  1. [2]
  2. [3]
  3. [4]

Lattice Stress Test:

Flexibility Test:

Dice Tower Detail Benchmark:

Useful Techniques:


Print Bed Adhesion:

Post Processing:

Chemical Part Smoothing:

Nozzles + Layer Height:

PLA Baking:

Filament Storage:

Part Testing:

Print Enclosures:

3D Print to Metal Cast:

Cooling Fans:

Friction Welding of Parts:

Note that this is the plastic version of metal friction stir welding.

Scaling Prints + Printing Stuff In Peices

For Clear or Translucent Prints

Part Stringing Reduction/Elimination


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