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Before a complete CAD model is complete - or before the design is finalized - there are parts of the design that are already known or established. These constitute the 3D CAD Library. The 3D CAD Library for a given development project can be assembled early on in the project, and can be used to draw from during the completion of the complete 3D CAD model.

The parts established early for a given project's 3D CAD Library can be set by virtue of:

  • Requirements for the product design
  • Product Ecology - the treatment of OSE design as an integrated set, not a bunch of individual parts. As such, there are certain design specifications and part choices that are predetermined by virtue of Product Ecology.
  • Part Libraries - a list of accepted parts, which should be specified in the Requirements
  • Design discussions
  • Review and Feedback
  • Analysis of Industry Standards

And others.


Upload STEP files, which can then be imported into FreeCAD.