3D Printed Bike

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Entire Frame, Direct Print

  • Average bike frame weight - 5 lb for non-composite frames
  • To get same strength, 50 lb plastic frame would have to be printed (PC plastic is 1/10th the strength of steel). However, this can be optimized by making wider tube sections for more strength.
  • What is a geometry that would work if we print a 100% polycarbonate frame? Calculations would have to be done.
  • Is there any Open Source Bike CAD?

Hybrid Version

  • Idea is to print a full skeleton, then put epoxy + fiberglass on top. Thus, the 3D printing only makes the form quick.
  • This would be labor intensive but much less so than starting from scratch.
  • Advantage of 3D printing 100% is that the labor requirement is much lower. The weight will be larger because nothing beats the strength of fibers.


  • Just joints - [[1]]