3D Printed PEI Surface

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  • PEI costs about $37 for 1/2 lb at McMaster Carr - [1]
  • About $75/lb
  • What if we 3D print it from resin at $10/lb? See High Temperature 3D Printing Printing on a flat surface would give a very flat side.
  • Current PEI sheet that OSE uses is 1mm thick. We use 0.22 of a sheet, or about 50 grams (.12 lb).
  • Thus, printing our own gets us a sheet for 1/20 of $20/kg - or about $1. This is about 1/12 our current cost (we get 3 surfaces per 12x24" sheet.
  • Developing filament-making and printing in PEI is worthwhile to produce high value printing surfaces for 3D printers.