3D Printed Rubber Stamp

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  • Although they CAN be purchases and even custom made, Rubber Stamps are easily 3D Printable
  • A Basic Stamp can be made in two peices
    • The flexible stamp itself
    • The Handle
  • Some also have a spring deployed shroud so it can be placed face down on a surface, even when soaked in ink, without touching it. It only does so once pressed
    • Not too neccisary, but may be worth looking into


  • See FreeCAD Lettering Tutorial for how to create extruded letters
  • Put a pad under text in FreeCAD, lower than text height
  • Add a handle
  • Export as STL
  • Note that image will be mirrored left to right if stamped as it. Thus - in Cura, Mirror the image. Use Mirror X if appropriate so your text reverses frm let to right
  • Print with Flexible 3D Printing Filaments
  • Rubber stamp will print correctly with mirrored image.

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