3D Printed Organizing Drawers

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OSE Requirements

Large Storage Boxes

  • Can accept existing OSE storage boxes.
  • New printed ones are reverse engineered but stiffened. Printed in case mode for optimal print speed using large nozzle. Some development is needed there, and recycling must be achieved
  • Requires printer with minumum 18-20" bed.
  • Drawers and cabinets serve for storage + easy transportability
  • Cabinet + drawers so that drawers can be taken out, or entire cabinets can be moved
  • Drawers should be 6-8" tall, about 14 wide, and about 18" long
  • Transportability: Corresponding cabinets should stack 3 drawers (18"-24") for carrying by hand
  • 2 Cabinets should lock together verticaly for rolling on wheels - so a person can take 6 of these at a time
  • Wheels can be printed as planetary gear wheels, just a shaft is required.
  • Max stacking is 3 cabinets tall (6' tall)
  • Minimal rails so that entire cabinet can serve as storage for taller objects with object in tray spanning 2 or 3 drawer spaces

Industry Standards


  • Printed at larger size - these can be perfect organizing systems.
  • Walls are too thick if printed at much larger size - not optimized for fast prints.
  • This one also has empty drawers (no dividers).
  • Each 4 drawer section is $3, sonabove drawer set costs $20?