3D Printer Construction Set Workshop August 12, 2017

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Language Agnostic Instructionals

See Development_Team_Log#Wed_Aug_9.2C_2017 for the Design Sprint.




Build Videos

Full Youtube Playlist of instructionals

Axis Motor Side

Carriage Axis

Idler Side

X Axis Assembly

Y Axis Assembly

Heated Bed Assembly

Frame Assembly

Extruder Assembly

Note that the extruder already comes assembled, so this is not an issue.

Final Assembly



Language Agnostic Instructionals

Short Idler Side of the Universal Axis




Overall Assembly


File:D3D Final Assembly SVGs-PNGs.zip

D3D Final Assembly LAI

How to put color in Magnifying Bubbles


See August_12,_2017_Parts_Order

Final Quality Control Checklist

13" version

  1. Make sure all magnet attachments are reinforced solidly with superglue after all parts are adjusted in place.
  2. Make sure that the end of filament is not tied into the spool so it can come out of the spool instead of knocking the spool down. Best practice is to trim the tied end upon opening up a new spool so one doesn't forget

Heated Bed

  1. Make sure to attach PEI before the rods are attached to the heated bed, so that the middle of the PEI is attached firmly by putting a weight on the surface while it is being glued.
  2. Add a paper or other spacer on the underside of the heated bed plate to prevent the heated bed from drooping