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HintLightbulb.png Hint: All practical data on all aspects of the OSE Universal Axis-based 3D Printers.

Mon Jan 6, 2020

Spring steel for D3D Universal is 0.635 mm thick (0.025"). 0.8 mm would work, too. 0.5 mm would need base support as it bends too easily.


  • 2 small idler pieces fit in a 55 cent USA envelope. Going to 6 of them - wight 3.7 oz - they cost $3.70 minimum as it is a 'stiff' package. Advice: send 2 envelopes with 3 pieces, at 55 cents each. Weight limit of a letter is 1 oz, with every extra oz being another 15 cents. [1]
  • You can ship irregular objects as they are, as long as the stamp fits on it. See [2]
  • You can design your own postage stamps! See https://photostamps.com/. But it is 2x the cost to ship.