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Brand Clarity

  • Efficiency. Build Yourself. Build Your World.
  • The only 3D Printer build workshop where we guarantee a working 3D printer in a single day.
  • Extreme Manufacturing
  • One Day
  • Distributive Enterprise


  • We position this as a workshop for those who don't have time to waste, those who can afford a day, but not 3 days.
  • Positioning revolves around the explicit promise of XM - that only if the process is efficient can this become a replicable, practical, and scalable Enterprise.
  • We position this as attractive because it is rather advanced to run a small 3D printer Manufacturing operation.
  • Position workshoo as an event for nonhackers. If you are a hacker, you don't need us to show you how to build a printer. But if you think you are too young, too old, or incapable of building anything, this workshop is for you. You will experience that with the proper guidance and help, you will be able to put together the 348 parts in the set to a working printer. Our goal is to confirm us showing those who think they cannot do it - the power of raw production.
  • position this within our greater goal of social production: that one can produce hljust about anything on a local level, and reinvent production.
  • Production by the masses - with meaning and without the drudgery.
  • Small producers are leaving as the supply chain inefficiencies went down. Now you can get parts cheap. That's a perfect time for Social Production to enter: accessible parts, mature technology.
  • Want to build a 3D printer from a kit you get online? No problem! It takes 40 hours on average for the build to be completed and tuned so you can make decent prints - if you get the right kit and solve the few troubles that are just part building a machine from hundreds of parts. You can do that. But we are offering a workshop where you can do that - in 8 hours - with guaranteed results of tuned prints by the end of that time. Join us, for a productive and rewarding team experience.


D3D_Workshop_Slogans by Tobben