3D Printer Extreme Manufacturing Workshop

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Main points:

  • People who are interested in learning to run 3D printer workshops are required to take OSE Boot Camp.
  • Candidates continue their training as apprentices for 2 or more additinal workshops, and then they lead a workshop under OSE supervision. Leading a workshop involves prep time and execution of event.
  • Once the candidate has the confidence, they can begin running their own workshops.
  • Running workshops involves printing of parts, preparation of tools, and inventorying of materials.
  • Prep time should be 1 day, and workshop should be one day
  • Readiness for a workshop is the point when parts are printed
  • Parts purchase occurs at point of registration cutoff - or 2 weeks
  • Announcement comes out at 5 weeks prior to event
  • Abolition of consumerism is the goal, with transition to self-determination

Typical Schedule

  • 45 min hr - Inteoductions and OSE Introduction + Q&A
  • 15 min snack break
  • 3 hours - morning build
  • Noon - lunch - 45 min
  • 1 PM - afternoon build
  • 4 PM - calibration and running
  • 5-7 PM - Designing print files in FreeCAD