3D Printer Extruder Construction Set

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  • Build upon standard E3D specifications
  • Add Scalable Heater Block made of multiples of existing blocks for low cost
  • Add a rubber-optimized 3mm extruder. Make extruder flexible to larger filament size
  • Add larger filaments, such as 4-5 mm Shilament from the open source Filament Maker.


  • Adding heater blocks as in Scalable Heater Block requires only that we figure out how to face a hollow brass rod to connect a second heater block if using 2 hollow rods
  • If using one rod, it's possible to align both heater blocks as needed by usng the heat break with adjustable endstop (nut on break, or epoxied. This is feasible only in a redesigned extruder.
  • To use a stock extruder, we can use a random angle, but cooling fans would have to be redesigned for a random angle. Tbis is the easiest route because we have control over cooling fan design. This route would require no.other change than adding safety stops on X and Y axes to prevent breakage of heater block in fault conditions.

Working Doc

Comment: the following design is.not good for rubber, needs shorter distance between drive gear and hot end.