3D Printer Product Strategy

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Basic Product Overview

For any OSE engagement, we filter through the OSE Vision: Collaborative Design for a transparent and inclusive economy of abundance. Translated for the 3D printer:

  1. Abundance - This implies a Construction Set Approach for the 3D printer - which provides much more value than a Dedicated Product Approach. Thus, at the basic level, we design 6 frame sizes at the same time: 10, 12, 14, 16, 20, and 24" frames.
    1. In the more advanced level, we also use the 8" frame for a precise printer with 4" bed
  2. Inclusive - Using the above abundance principle, we achieve inclusion of nature: zero waste in the materials used when starting from a 4x8' sheet of steel with 6 nested frames. The smallest cutouts can serve as heated beds for printers.

Overall Product Line

Overall, OSE features the full Scalability of sizes, based on one of the key properties of OSE Specifications. The full product line that will be offered by OSE is:

Education Series

  1. D3D Simple - a simplified 3 axis system for educational use that can bootstrap to any of the larger or more advanced machines

Pro Series

This line is intended for professional use, and is currently being productized.

  1. D3D Micro - super precise prints, 4" bed size
  2. D3D Mini - like Lulzbot Mini, 6" bed size
  3. D3D Eco - the standard version with 8" print bed and insulated heat bed
  4. D3D Mega - 12" bed size and up
  5. D3D Giga - 36" bed size and up
  6. D3D Terra - 48" bed size and up, for producing construction materials

Industrial Series

These are higher performance machines for industrial production that are currently in the design phase. The Extreme Temperature (XT) line features a heated build chamber that goes up to 178C in the standard version, or higher for higher temperature printing. The industrial series ncludes toolheads for Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing, clay 3d printing, and cement 3D printing.

Terra is a play-on-words on tera-, emphasizing the ecologogical aspects of our production ecosystem: plastics recycling infrastructure, high level of modularity which enables lifetime design, and a support community for glocal open source product development featuring OSE's Incentive Challenge methodology.

Unique Value Proposition

OSE aims to be in the lead of several aspects of 3D printing:

  1. Construction Set Approach. The most customizable 3D printer, with a development community and software for creating variations. Utilizes the Universal Axis motion system.
  2. Collaborative, glocal, OSPD pipeline using the Incentive Challenge method of product development to create distributed manufacturing. See the Open Source Everything Store
  3. Fastest heating heated build plate.
  4. Fastest 3D printing - whever the Supervolcano heater block is used from the E3D Ecosystem.
  5. Lowest unique part count in the world.
  6. Lowest part count in the world.
  7. Highest performance to cost ratio in the industry.
  8. Widest range of applications from education, home, business, and industry