3D Printer Publicity Strategy

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OSE's value proposition is education. Thus, OSE takes an educational approach to marketing, where we provide information at the same time as we publicize our events. This is because people are tired of sales pitches - so by providing education - people learn things as they find out about our workshops. This helps people make better decisions, and thus attracts more suitable people. This type of approach is called Edumarketing.

A publicity strategy should include:

  1. Social media. This should include a list of FB pages that we can link to or tag. Also, list of FB people who can share our work, with style guidelines for how to publish on FB. See Social Media Strategy
  2. Press Release - one day 3D printer build workshop. Research if anyone is doing 1 day builds today.
  3. Blog Post
  4. Recruiting writers and marketers. There are many professional writers who want to write about interesting topics, who are looking for content, and who are interested in OSE. A comprehensive list and publishing schedule should be developed.
  5. Local newspapers within 4 hours.