3D Printer Stops Midprint

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  • Typically this is a slicer error where spurious results happen from slicing - reslice and try again. Just moving the object on the bed may help.
  • Thermal cutout on extruder motor - last issue at [1]. Yes, A4998 do have thermal shutdown - [2] - so reduce the current on your stepper driver. Currently doing 0.3V on 24V RAMPS.
  • Obvious ones - filament ran out, broke, or stripped - [3]
  • m600 m410 m125 m0 or many of the other commands that could be triggering the same or similar pause states. - see [4]
  • Might be bad SD card - [5]
  • Reinstalling Cura helped - [6]
  • New Cura has bugs - [7]