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Tue Nov 20, 2018

SD card issue:

Alex: = marlin "card inserted" "no sd card" =

  • Alex 1 Printer successfully prints using Alex 1 SD Card & Alex 2 SD Card
  • Alex 2 Printer does not recognize Alex 1 SD Card or Alex 2 SD Card
  • When I insert either SD card into Alex 2's LCD Screen, it reads "card inserted"
  • When I navigate on Alex 2 from the dashboard view (which looks fine) to the menu view, it reads "No SD card."

Let me know if there's an obvious next step to take. Not sure.

Thanks, Alex

Sara: My latest printer was really sensitive -- if I applied pressure on the SD card it would recognize it, if I released said pressure it would say No SD Card. After doing this several times it just started working more consistently.

It you apply manual pressure (pushing SD card into slot slightly with finger) -- does it work at all? I recall we ran into this issue during immersion but that it was pretty touch and go -- maybe unplug and replug the printer several times if you haven't already, checking each time with manual pressure for a difference?

Wed Nov 14, 2018

  • Issue on excessive retraction prior to start - [1] (See video comments for resolution of this issue.)

Nov 8, 2018

  • Extruder mounting issues - [2]


  • If heat sink cooling fan breaks, nozzle will get stuck.
  • To test for cooling fan effectiveness - pushing filament by hand should encounter norubbery springiness in the filament. If it feels springy while pushing manually - the transition zone is too hot (no cooling fan) and the filament will start to bend - feeling springy instead of stiff. Done on Lulzbot Mini.
  • Nozzle cleaning - heat up nozzle with heat gun, and poke with acupuncture needles, which are .2 - .1 mm wide. Alternately, dip PLA in acetone overnight, and you won't need heat.

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  • Simplify3D - [3]