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See announcement at http://opensourceecology.org/3d-printer-build-workshop/

OSE is offering its first ongoing and regular workshop - the One Day Build of the 3D Printer. You can see the vision for thimls in our intro video:


Several noteworthy links included in the video:


It is useful to note the 3D Printer Workshop Critique, which states that 3D printers have hit rock bottom price and OSE should stick to larger machines. While this is true, the 3D Printer Workshop offers, among other things, for OSE to engage in the last stages of the complete Open Source Product Development (OSPD) life cycle - which is the creation of Distributive Enterprise. Further, this does not mean that we are not developing larger machines - on the contrary - our goal is to accelerate their development by bootsrap funding that comes from our distributive enterprises. Our model is to run workshops that provide funding for further development - and stable, ongoing workshop offerings can provide a stable revenue stream that can not only support OSE International, but can scale broadly to other OSE Chapters and allied organizations. The goal is to create an OSPD consortium which results in viral market substitution of proprietary enterprise with open enterprise.